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Petition to UK Government in support of Ukrainian refugees

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Petition to UK Government in support of Ukrainian refugees

Post by StuBeeDoo » Sun Feb 12, 2023 3:27 pm

Currently, refugees from Ukraine arriving in the UK are given visas lasting until 31 December 2024. TBH, I'm not sure what the process is for those wishing to stay here after that date. Knowing how successive UK Governments procrastinate over anything that needs decisive action, I doubt there has even been much thought about that as it will likely be seen as "Oh, that's nearly 2 years away"! But what will our Government-of-the-day do at that point?

Suppose the war is still on-going? Suppose there are Ukrainians who for, their own reasons, don't want to go back? Many of them won't have anything to go back to but a pile of rubble........

On the UK Government website there is currently a petition attempting to get Government to debate the possibility of offering Ukrainians currently here under the Homes for Ukrainians Scheme, and Ukrainian Family Scheme, Indefinite Leave to Remain status.

Link to petition
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