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BMW X 1 - Bushes / Big Motoring World

Discuss anything to do with the BMW X1 (F48). Problems, How To Articles & Performance topics can currently be discussed here also.
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BMW X 1 - Bushes / Big Motoring World

Post by Wazza202 » Sat Sep 02, 2023 12:14 pm

I recently purchased a BMW X1 from Big Motoring World in June 2023. Within 2 weeks' I noticed a pulling on the steering and knocking sound from underneath the vehicle. I first took it to P & R BMW & Mini Specialists who confirmed the steering was tight and the vehicle was unstable. Big Motoring World said they had no capacity to look into the problem at their own garage until a over a month later, hence taking it here. This also ran out the clock to return within 30 days.

After this I took the vehicle for a further diagnostic report by BW Chiptune, who confirmed there was an issue with the TCA bushes and the steering rack and advised both to be replaced. The car was very unstable at high speeds, uneven road surfaces and bumps. They advised to not drive the vehicle on the motorway. The bushes also seemed relatively new and when Jason compared them to original BMW ones and they were very weak and very different in colour.

Video showing the movements of the bushes:

This information was sent to Big Motoring World and their CEO and they eventually agreed to look at the car in their own workshop but only after I had messaged their CEO via LinkedIn. They had the vehicle for 22 days and only replaced the steering rack and carried out a wheel alignment. They simply commented on the bushes stating that they looked new yet did nothing about them. The steering isn't as tight but the pulling remains and again I am unable to drive the vehicle on the motorway, including to take it to their own garage. Last time I managed to get them to tow the vehicle under the warranty. The bushes seen in the vehicle are still the same ones I have in and I need the vehicle repaired quickly to use on a trip.

Big Motoring World have come back to say they are genuine parts with the BMW logo and there is nothing wrong with the bushes. They also claimed that the bushes were being hit by a thick rod which was causing the major movements shown in the video.

They suggested a road test but couldn't guarantee whether they can fix the vehicle next week. They also suggested that if they were to pay the invoice for Jason to carry out the work, then if there were any other problems after it they would have no further involvement. Seems insane.

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BMW X 1 - Bushes / Big Motoring World

Post by X5Sport » Sat Sep 02, 2023 12:37 pm

First …. :hi:

Sorry that you’re having issues. Jason knows what he’s doing and has been a member on here for over a decade. He’s known to a fair few of us for his tuning expertise. :)

No idea what ‘thick rod’ they are referring to, but I doubt that it’s supposed to impact anything. You can always ask a main dealer to have a look and take their report to B M W for a response. Trading standards may be another route if the vehicle was sold in a non-roadworthy state.

I’m not surprised that they want to walk away after Jason does the work as you would be placing them on the hook for someone else’s work and no car dealer (even main BMW ones) will play that game.
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