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X5 45e.??

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X5 45e.??

Post by Nine468 » Sat Dec 16, 2023 1:04 pm

Just contemplating an upgrade of my current X5, and im considering the 45e.

Has anybody got any stories,, good or bad about these cars.

How far can you go on electric alone, if at all..

Are they worth looking at.

ETc ETC...


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X5 45e.??

Post by X5Sport » Sat Dec 16, 2023 1:43 pm

Never seen anyone on here with one.

The specs: ... ve45e.html

In theory it should do 54 miles on battery alone, but that will be its ’summer range’ so in winter expect it to be closer to 40 miles before the engine kicks in. I’m basing this on the range reduction my i4 has been showing over the last couple of weeks with colder temps.

If you are going to charge at home (far cheaper than public charging) then factor in a charge point installation as well. You could possibly use a 13A socket but that takes a while and you’re effectively running the same current as an electric kettle for a few hours. Not everyone is comfortable with that as the socket (and wiring) can get a bit warm.

For me, hybrid doesn’t quite work as I need a guaranteed minimum of 65 miles on electric for my commute. My parents in law have a Lexus self-charging hybrid which works well for them as most of their use is short distances (10-15 miles). Pure electric won’t work for them due to their part of Wales being a public charging desert.
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