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2005 E83 Drivers window switch

Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2022 4:34 pm
by Ozzycat
Hi. My driver's door window switch cluster has stopped working. Power is getting to it as the unit lights up when headlights are switched on and I can adjust the mirrors. I've also been able to lower all 4 windows using the key fob however the driver's door window will not go up when i use the fob to close the windows. To me it looks like the part of the cluster for the windows is at fault and will need replacing. I'm also able to lower the other three windows using their own switches.

Has anyone had this same experience and what was your solution? Also any hacks to get the window up without taking off the door panel and manually pushing the glass up? The cluster also has two plugs which is unlike most of the others I have seen on youtube/google etc. This car is a baseline model with one plug for the window switches and the other to adjust the mirrors.

Look forward to some feedback.